I've noticed a VERY disturbing trend. At some point it became rude, narrow Minded and even xenophobic to be Proud To Be American! Please explain to me how me being proud of where I'm from and what my country does for the world makes me rude to others. I respect many countries for many things, but when I think of home, safety and justice I think of the U.S.A. Our solders are the first in and last to leave when people need help. Every disaster is front and center in our media and our hearts.

Recently this feeling of I guess "super modesty" has filtered into comic books. In the new Captain America movie where he will "not be overly patriotic". REALLY?! He's Captain America!

Now they are trying to take "Super Man" and have him renounce his US Citizenship. I lost my mind over this in today's Couch.

And now one more thing that makes me Proud To Be American, Katy Perry and yes I know she's married to Russel Brand. He is funny and cool and Brittish. See I Love us and respect them. IT CAN BE DONE!!!


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