In celebration of Leap Day this Saturday, February 29th, you can score a free twenty-four pack of beer. It's for one day only. Here is everything you need to know to get yours. According to, Miller Light is making your leap day the best day ever. On Saturday, February 29th, Miller Light is offering a free twenty-four pack of their delicious beer to you. Because Leap Day hasn't happened since 1992, they want to reward you for an extra twenty-four hours by giving you free beer. Yes, please!

On Saturday, Miller Light will post a QR code on its Twitter and Instagram accounts. Then you can scan the code with your phone or on a computer. Then you take that code to a website where you can submit your receipt for the twenty-four pack of Miller Lite that you bought on Leap Day. Then Miller Lite will refund you through PayPal for your purchase.

So all you do is front the money for your case of Miller Lite and then get reimbursed. BOOM! Free twenty-four pack of Miller Lite.

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