I've been in a relationship for a long time and no matter who I've dated, I've made it very clear that I hate pet names. Apparently there's a study by Scientific American that says those nicknames are actually good for relationships, I don't buy it.

I hate pet names so much that when my ex-boyfriend called me "Hun," I instinctively slapped him across the face. Granted, don't judge, it was high school, I was immature, we're still friends but it proves that it's an innate hatred for pet names. According to the study, having pet names with your significant other creates an intimate little world where you two are the main characters and create your own names.

I get it, it's cute, it's just not for me. Brian has even argued that Jim, my boyfriend, may feel like I don't love him as much as I could because I don't let him call me a cute name or don't have one for him. It's just not us. Don't call me baby, don't call me hun, don't call me sweetie, my name is Jess, thank you very much!

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