Yes.  I'll go along with this.  The Burger King "king" always seemed like someone that would make a cameo appearance in the middle of a nightmare.  Actually, it might have a lead role, come to think of it.  Well apparently, this isn't the only one frightening little children and adults alike

First, let's get this out of the way.  Here's an explanation of why Burger King is retiring "his majesty".  This is from YouTube posted by "Slatester"

That was a good move by management!  There are other mascots that are just as off-putting and creepy.  Check out this compilation from

Actually my favorite mascot of all time was the WGNA country bear.  Does anyone out there remember it?  It actually had a fan implanted in the head of it so whoever wore the costume didn't pass out from the heat. We had one intern who actually got light headed and almost passed out in the middle of the Schenectady parade, but I won't embarrass him here!

Mascots-they are a great marketing tool, but they should pass it by alot of people before putting it out there to traumatize people, don't you think?

Which one do you think is the most frightening?  Would love to know!

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