There is a new marketing trend out there my friends and I want in!  You all have seen the commercials on TV with the Wheat Thins truck delivering pallets of Wheat Thins to people who tweet about them right? It seems this is now quite the trend. Many restaurants are also in the mix as well. One of them is Morton's Steakhouse. Which by the way is amazing!

It seems that Peter Shankman an entrepreneur and investor out of New York tweeted to Morton's that he would be landing in Newark Airport in two hours and sure would love someone to meet him there with a a porterhouse steak, and they did. They met him at his car with steak, shrimp a side of potatoes, bread, two napkins and silverware! Now that is service. I suppose the fact that Peter has 100,000 Twitter followers and a popular blog didn't hurt but lets be honest, it sure is great marketing.

So that got me thinking, hey... I'm not much on the Twitter yet but I do have a pretty popular blog and like 2500 Facebook fans. Maybe I can get a little love from my favorite local businesses. It's worth a shot right? Ok,  so I will post  a little wish list and we will see who comes through for me.

" Hey "Direct TV" is great, I so love their service and all the great Hi Def channels I get, I sure wish I could afford to get the NFL Ticket this year."


"Wow, "Today's Limo" is such a great Limo company here in the capital district, every time I ride in one I wish I could have one bring me to and from work everyday."

"I don't know if food or drink can actually be addictive, but I know if I'm going to relax with something cold to drink I sure do like my "Twisted Teas".

" I love going to "Hooters" for lunch after a hard day at work, I sure wish I could go there every week for a year. But they say there's no such thing as a free lunch. So sad."

"Hey has anyone seen the new convertible "Chevy Camaro"? My Father in Law bought one and it sure is nice. I'd love to try one of those out but he wont even let me drive it."

Ok, the last one is really far fetched, but you never know if you don't try. A year lease for a nice guy like me, wouldn't put them out that much. I wont hold my breath on these items but I will tell you this, maybe it does pay to be involved in social media.


Go build up your followers my friends and if anyone gives you any flack about all the time you spend "Tweeting", or "Facebooking" just tell them your trying to get a FREE vacation to BEAUTIFUL LAS VEGAS , FLYING FIRST CLASS ON THE WONDERFUL UNITED AIRLINES. (fingers crossed)


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