Your first thought was probably the same as mine when you saw the title. Well, thanks to a post on Facebook, we may have found Aquaman's favorite Capital Region place to go.

I was scrolling through Facebook tonight when I saw a friend share a picture of Jason Mamoa, known best as Aquaman and from Justice League fame. He's a beautiful human being so I figured it was just a picture of him looking as stunning as usual until I realized where he was.

For reasons currently unknown, Jason Mamoa was in the Capital Region Thursday night at Sam's Seafood Steakhouse in Johnstown with some friends. Doing some research, it looks like he's currently filming a Netflix movie in Pittsburgh which, at lease, is on the right side of the country.

Next, I thought, maybe he has friends in the area. Being from Hawaii, it's not like he has any particularly local ties to the area. According to some Facebook comments, he may be spending the night in the area, headed to Lakeside Tavern after his stop for dinner at Sam's. There are rumors that he's filming a commercial but then someone else commented that it's a secret. I guess we'll have to wait and see if it has anything to do with the Capital Region or maybe he was just passing through. Either way, people who met him said he was very nice so at least we have that.

UPDATE: According to sources close to the restaurant he was visiting, he's in town for a Harley Davidson commercial up north.

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