Snow is coming Saturday and Sunday will be frigid. Here's the forecast and how you can stay safe as you're out celebrating the new year.

NYUpstate is reporting that wind chills on Sunday could go as low as -25 F in the Capital Region. That's cold enough for a normal evening, but with people going out to celebrate the new year across our area, it's going to be important to stay warm and safe if you're going to be outside for any length of time.

The Mayo Clinic says that being outside in -16.6 F, right in the range we can expect, can cause frostbite in under thirty minutes. That doesn't give you a lot of room for error if you're going to be walking or standing outside for any length of time at all. One of the serious indications that you are experiencing frostbite can be if exposes skin begins to feel warm again - so don't be deceived. If you think you're experiencing the beginning stages of frostbite, get inside right away.

  • Dress in several layers of loose, warm clothing. Air trapped between the layers of clothing acts as insulation against the cold.

  • Wear a hat or headband that fully covers your ears. Heavy woolen or windproof materials make the best headwear for cold protection.

  • Wear mittens rather than gloves. Mittens provide better protection. Or try a thin pair of glove liners made of a wicking material (like polypropylene) under a pair of heavier gloves or mittens.

  • Don't drink alcohol if you plan to be outdoors in cold weather. Alcoholic beverages cause your body to lose heat faster.

  • Keep moving. Exercise can get the blood flowing and help you stay warm, but don't do it to the point of exhaustion.

I know, I know. Not drinking is going to be a tough sell on New Year's Eve. But dress warm and stay safe, everybody!

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