Every morning at 8:10, 'The Sean and Richie Show" does a feature called "The Good News." Let's face it, the world is full of bad news and catastrophes and the media is falling all over itself to bring it to you. Really, just watching the news every night could lead you to depression. So, as I like to say on the show everyday, that is why we bring you now... "The Good News."

Getty Images, Stock Photo
Getty Images, Stock Photo

Entitled, spoiled, apathetic, selfish, these are some of the words you hear today wen people are talking about teenagers. I have used them myself, so it's refreshing to hear about the GOOD things that they do as well.

Earlier this year some high school students in Lancaster, California met a wounded soldier who served in Iraq. The teacher, Jamie Goodreau has the class raise money every year for charities for veterans. They usually raise about 25,000 and this year to help bring into focus what they were doing it for, she brought in a wounded veteran to talk to the class.

His name is Jarrel Hancock and he was injured pretty badly when the tank he was driving was hit with a bomb. Jarrel lost an arm and was paralyzed. Making matters worse when he got home his wife left him.  He explained to the class how difficult it was to even get around his own mobile home where he lives with this two children because the walls were not far enough apart for the wheelchair to fit through.

After meeting him and hearing his story the class decided that they would do everything in their power to get him a NEW HOME! They had tons of fundraising events, raised $80,000 and soon the community got involved as well. They got a bank, an architect and a contractor involved as well.

The good news? They just bought a piece of land for $264,000 and plan to build Jarrel a new handicap accessible home by this summer!

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