After being run over by a train last year and surviving, Aaron Collins of Mechanicville was almost hit again by a train on Saturday.

You would figure after surviving being run over by a train, you would never go by the railroad tracks again. But according to the Times Union, that is what Aaron did this weekend. A conductor spotted him in Stillwater Saturday walking on a trestle, and was luckily able to stop the train he was operating in time to get him off the trestle.

According to police, he was intoxicated and this is not the first time he has had a run in with a train. The Times Union says Collins was passed out on tracks in Schaghticoke back in 2015 late at night, at which point a locomotive actually ran over him - my guess is he was passed out between the tracks, not over them!

It probably would be a good idea for Aaron to keep his distance from all railways in the future. And he should go buy a lottery ticket - with this kind of luck, he could win and buy his own train to ride on!

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