I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I saw what happened on this year's Miss Universe Pagent.  But upon thinking about it, I really do feel bad, don't you?  I'll tell you why...

In case you don't know what happened during the Miss Universe telecast, Hose Steve Harvey declared the wrong woman, Miss Columbia the winner when Miss Philippines was the actual winner.   Here's what went down.

But it really got me to thinking on a personal level.   I've done morning radio for all this time, and when you do this kind of thing live every day (even at our level here in "Smallbany, NY"), you realize that just one slip-up could mean your career.

Can you possibly imagine this happening when it's a WORLD WIDE audience? Holy shmoley!

Now he SWEARS that the name on the cue card said "Columbia" and that he was just reading what was on there.

Now assuming all of this wasn't a fake to gain publicity (and I will be LIVID if it turns out that it was), I have to offer my condolences to Steve for the embarrassing error.  Hey buddy, it happens to all of us,( just not in front of the whole world!)