We all hear stories about back in the day when maybe our parents or grandparents had to do special drills at school  to hide under the desk in case of nuclear attack from the Russians. Like the desk would protect you from anything. As I got a little older we were always ready in case of a shooter. I found that kids to be prepared for this new scare to be a bit much.

According to News 10 ABC, East Greenbush Central is training their students in a new state program that teach kids how to be prepared and how to handle a fellow classmate or friend overdosing on school grounds.

Drug use seems to run rampant in the capital Region and with use often comes abuse. With that abuse should we have the means to help in our tool kit? Do you think this is a bit too much responsibility to put on a kid in school or should we recognize the the threat that faces our children and they should all be prepared.

A few other schools in the area will be adopting this program as well?

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