State Police and local law enforcement in Washington County are keeping a watchful eye on a home in Easton, NY where a frightening stalker keeps harassing the same woman.

Last month, many of you read the harrowing account experienced by 38-year-old Kat Grimes of Easton NY (20 mins east of Saratoga) after she stopped at her mom's house and looked at her security camera feed from her phone.

Photo: Kay Grimes Facebook
Kat Grimes says a stalker has been harassing her for months, and in a recent Facebook post said she came face-to-face with him on Sunday.

"I was shocked to find a face I do not recognize staring back at me," she posted on her Facebook page.

Even scarier, she was able to deduce that the image of the man on her camera was taken from inside her home.

"While getting ready for work this man was INSIDE my home with me," she said, adding, "he picked up the camera that was charging on my dining room floor and it snapped his image. I have no idea who this is - their intention or why this is happening."

At the time she went public with the info, Grimes said she had reason to believe this sick individual may have been watching her for some time. "I lock my doors even when I am home - this person knew how to access AND hide in my home WITH ME INSIDE and go undetected," she wrote.

That was last month.

But in a horrifying revelation on her Facebook page Monday evening, Grimes wrote:

"Late last night I was once again faced with an insanely disturbing intrusive trespassing/stalking aggression encounter at my home."
Photo: Kat Grimes Facebook
This is the man who has been terrifyingly stalking a woman in Washinton County. If you recognize him, contact State Police!
Grimes didn't share specifics about her terrorizing ordeal but added she did say that he appears to be getting even bolder.
"This person did not completely flee after police & personal casing and (searching) the entire property...They came back for more, right to my front door," she said on Facebook.

Grimes tells us that the police have been cooperative, interviewed neighbors, and they were quick to respond after her harrowing ordeal on Sunday night, but unfortunately, at this time they do not have any leads and no identifications.

Since last month her Facebook post has thousands of shares so the information about this disturbed individual is definitely getting out there.

And hopefully, soon, they get the creep.

Here's her entire Facebook post from Monday:





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