Celeb spotted in Toga over the weekend!

It may not be all that unusual to spot a famous celebrity in Upstate NY, but it's still pretty cool when it happens, and it did over the weekend in downtown Saratoga!

Usually, Travers weekend is what brings out the most celebs, influencers, high rollers, and big shots and if you keep your eyes and ears peeled to the streets and luxury suites, you may spot a famous musician, a movie star, Barstool pizza reviewer, Hall of Fame coach, or an actual Prince!

Comedian and actor Richard Kind took in some Saratoga sights over the weekend

Saratoga might be the "Summer Place to Be", but Fall is just as spectacular, and it was comedian and actor Richard Kind who was spotted in Saratoga Springs over the weekend, eating burgers and hanging around town.

Kind, no stranger to Saratoga Springs has been in a plethora of movies, comedies, and even on Broadway.

"Obvious Child" Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival
Richard Kind, Getty Images

In the '90s, he was Dr. Mark Devanow in Mad About You, and more recently he played Andy in Curb Your Enthusiasm 

Kind is also known for lending his voice to various Pixar films such as A Bug's Life, the first two films of Cars, as well as Toy Story 3.

The New Jersey native was also nominated for a Tony Award for "Best Featured Actor in a Play" in the 2013 Broadway production of The Big Knife.

Where was he spotted, and what was he doing?

Over the weekend, a Facebook group called "What's Going On Saratoga?" asked residents if they saw Kind out and about over the weekend, and it turns out many did.

Someone mentioned that they spotted him eating a burger at Burger-Fi on Broadway, another said he was seen at Skidmore College over the weekend, while others saw him casually strolling through downtown Saratoga.

Comments about Richard Kind posted on Facebook
Comments about Richard Kind posted on Facebook

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