I like to check in with the schools who are participating in our 3rd Annual High School Hunger Games, just to make sure that their collection is going well and that they have everything they need.

So, when I got an email from South Colonie High School last week with a couple of pictures attached I was excited to see how they were doing!

I expected to see a couple of boxes with some cans of soup and boxes of pasta in them.  Little did I know they have practically collected an entire grocery store worth of non-perishable food items already!  And we still have 2 weeks to go!

Here are some pics -

image1 (2)

(Photos Courtesy of Thomas Kachadurian)

Gosh!  So organized, too!  Just by looking at those shelves I can tell that a lot of hungry people in the Capital Region are going to eat because of the good people at Colonie High!

It's their first year competing, and all I have to say it, goooooooood luck everyone else, 'cause Colonie is coming for you!

Side Note: Although the closet they are stocking started out completely empty.... I do see a lot of shelf room left!  So keep collecting! ;-)

To find out more about our High School Hunger Games, CLICK HERE!

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