Men, when you're sick do you just feel like you feel it worse than women do? According to a study from Canada, you may!

Whenever my boyfriend Jim is sick, it just seems like he's milking it sometimes and telling me he feels worse than he actually does. I take care of him and make sure he's okay but in my head think that he may be taking a small head cold a little too far.

Well a male researcher in Canada was accused of overreacting just one too many times and decided to prove that the "Man Flu" actually exists, says CNN. Apparently it all comes down to biology and that a man's immune system is "naturally weaker" than that of a woman's. Estrogen helps protect the immune system and women have more estrogen than men so it stands to reason that a man's immune system may not be able to protect them as easy.

Sorry, ladies, just means the next time a man tells you that they're feeling sicker than you ever have, they may be telling the truth (even if we still don't believe it).

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