In case you thought your fancy dancy high def TV is the clearest thing you've ever seen, get ready for this.  Plus some "about time" news for kids with disabilities who want to play video games.  This week's tech talk to follow

Well, Sony has definitely had its troubles, but they"re still in the game.  When they do come out with something, it's usually very cutting edge.

Here it is -the new Bravia XBR series TV.   This sucker has an 84 inch screen.  That's a fairly unique size, given the typical 55 inch or maybe 60 inch screen size.  84 is huge, but that's not what makes it innovative. Check this out from and 


It will be available to be looked at, touched and drooled over on Sept 6th.  It is rumored to cost $20,000 according to

Now on to new technology to help the disabled enjoy video games just like everyone else.  Hell, why not?  There's now an organization dedicated to this, called where they are giving out grants to allow someone with a disability to receive one piece of "adaptive technology" to use to play games.  You can also donate on their site to others.  You can click on it to find out more, or listen to a real expert, Ari, who suffers from a rare form muscular dystrophy, but that doesn't stop him!  I found him on YouTube, and he explains it all much better than I ever could

Thanks, Ari. You can find out about this grant program by clicking here

I've said it before and I'll say it again: don't be too quick to "poo poo" technology.  It can be used to transform our way of life if used correctly , and here's a great example.  This is why I love doing TechTalk!

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