This is quite the story.  And it affects so many people, young and old.  But of course, the "old' are the ones who get hit the worst.  Because they are paying for it!

I am speaking of a major security breach that has affected literally millions of accounts from the Sony corporation.  For those of you who are unaware, when you get a new video game system, the cost of the hardware and video games is just the beginning.  They many times will ask you for your credit card, because there is an entire world of on-line multiplayer games and endless stuff that you can purchase via your good old piece of plastic.

All it takes is one clever hacker, and BAM!-millions of accounts are put at risk.  Which is exactly what happened.  According to

The new total number of comprised Sony PlayStation accounts is 102 million, and Sony executives said credit card information along with names, email addresses, and passwords were among the information stolen.A San Diego based data center discovered the security breech on April 19, 2011. But Sony failed to notify it’s online users for another six days.

Although there are no companies in the world totally immune from a hack attack, there's still alot of this that is totally inexcusable, especially the lack of notification.  At least let us know, for God sakes!

I know Sean was very upset about this issue, as he and his kids use Playstation regularly.  And my son is in college and could be playing it as I write this for all I know.  Nonetheless, I found out last nite that MY account was hacked.  It's so bad that I have been forced to play gigs on the weekend to recoup my losses.  I actually have audio here from a gig I played just last Saturday nite!  Would you like to hear it?  SURE.  GET YOUR GIGGLES AT MY EXPENSE.  SEE WHAT I CARE!!

Have you ever been hacked?  Would love to laff at YOUR pain now.   I'm kidding.  But would love to hear about it if you'd like to comment.   Be safe out there, and never give your pin number to anyone who asks for it in an email!!!   And in case you are especially paranoid (join the party),  here are some other tips from

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