Don't get me wrong, I love Girl Scout cookies. Over the years, I have purchased hundreds of boxes and in turn helping and supporting the Girl Scouts. But I have a huge problem with which cookie won the most popular. I am a pretty big fan of most of the flavors of Girl Scout cookies. Last year they even introduced the new S'mores cookie and I loved it. I am also a fan of the timeless and delicious Samoas and the Tagalongs. However, I was disappointed to hear that my least favorite Girl Scout cookie, was the biggest seller again last year.

I have to start by saying that I am not of fan of mint, so that really puts this cookie last in my book. Thin Mints were again the overwhelmingly most popular Girl Scout cookie. Second place was the Samoa and third was the new S'mores.

What's your favorite cookie?

More than 1 million Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes of cookies each season. The sale earns about $800 million. The cool thing about the cookie sale, all of the money stays in the local area of the sale and funds activities and community projects.

If you can't wait for your Girl Scout's parents to start selling their cookies in your workplace, you can get your fix online at

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