This is really pretty cool.  According to the Greenwich Time website,  there was a really nice "find" in a house in a Greenwich, Connecticut house.

Yup, it was authentic.  Sheet music written by composer Ludwig Van Beethoven was found when an appraiser visited a home of a woman looking to sell her belongings.  There were some words in German and very familiar symbols on the page.

The appraiser recognized the writing, and it looks like it was his scribblings from back in the early 1800's .  It was authenticated using, I would guess, handwriting analysis?


You can see how "into it" he was from the "crescendo of activity" on the page.

There was a lot of activity at the auction house too, and it turns out that it ended up selling for $100,000!  Nice for a piece of paper, huh?

The question is, "How did his writing end up in Connecticut?"  Vacation?  Noone knows.  But interesting nonetheless, huh?