This has been a very stressful week for me.  After 23 years here at WGNA, I'm finally feeling the pressure.  Someone wants my gig, and I'm truly worried about it! 

Her name is Ella.  She is producer Jeff Levack's very cute and multi-talented daughter.  She not only has great on-air presence, she's also becoming an incredible voice-over talent as you will hear.

ella reading copy

And if that weren't enough to make me feel insecure, guess what?  She came barging into the studio while I was on the air, and while I ran out to the copy machine , she very boldly took over my place at the keyboard

ella at the piano

So I guess I'm going to have to freshen up the resume.  Young blood coming in!  I can hear it now -

"The SEAN AND ELLA SHOW".  It's got quite a ring to it.  I guess my next station is going to be a Mobil!





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