Does your child dream of becoming a Disney Channel Star? That's what a recent trending Facebook post is advertising. It's either true and your kid could be famous or there's something sketchy behind it. I did some research.

According to the Facebook post, "*ALBANY* SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9* CALLING ALL ACTORS, MODELS, SINGERS & DANCERS! SPACE IS LIMITED! AGES 4-24 ONLY." On the graphic, it says "Does your child dream of  becoming a Disney Channel Star? Sign up for an audition now!" At first, it seems pretty cool, right? But is this ad advertising what you think it's advertising?

The Facebook page sponsoring it is "Casting." Apparently, according to the event, it'll be tomorrow at the Hilton Garden Inn Albany Medical. According to a review from a Talent Manager, the events that iPop holds are "very legit." The only issue is that once you audition, once you get accepted, it's very expensive. She goes on to say "I know for a fact you don't need to do iPOP, IMTA or any other expensive showcase like that to meet legit Talent Agents, Modeling Agents, and Talent Managers."

So, is this event real? Seems like it. Will going to it make your kid an instant star? Probably not, but it seems like if that's the path your child wants to go on, schedule it in your calendar because they're coming to Albany tomorrow!

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