It was announced on Monday by New York governor Andrew Cuomo that New York state has begun making it's very own hand "superior" sanitizer.  New York prisoners are fast at work making a product called NYS Clean as a way to combat the high costs and lack of availability of certain cleaning agents amid the coronavirus threat.  Some people have questioned whether or not this is a good idea. Here's why.

Yes, it's cheaper according to the governor to make our own, but is NYS Clean really a superior product? Some aren't so sure citing a few different reasons.

For starters, according to, some would argue that prisons on a whole may be more susceptible to contamination and disease.  Is the ideal environment to make a product that is being used to disinfect and sterilize?  Some would argue it is not.

It's also being pointed out that while it's certainly a lot cheaper for low wage prisoners to make hand sanitizer, the product does contains alcohol, a known contraband.  The governor bragged that NYS Clean sanitizer contains 75% alcohol so in theory, prisoners would be accessing some of the most prohibited hand sanitizer made.

sources, NYS Clean will be distributed to schools and government agencies, but is not available on the market.  But that could change according to Cuomo.

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