We got word that a new company bought the property and that we should expect a new theatre by last year. Well, then, where is it?

Last we heard, Cosmic Cinemas was going to revamp the 90-year-old Madison Theatre and that we should expect it by Summer 2018. So, where is it?

Trinity Realty Group purchased the space with the intention to lease to Cosmic Cinemas. You may remember how it made headlines for not allowing cell phones, talking, or babies. We found that they added "Albany, NY" to their website and were planning on working on our property after their Hudson location. Well, fast-forward to now and "Albany, NY" is missing from the Cosmic Cinemas website and we haven't heard a word since.

The Times Union did a bit of investigation on the space. Tierra's Skyline Coffee Co. opened back in March, as planned. Sadly, the CEO has said that they're in a "holding pattern" because of the delay. They were hoping that the opening of the new theater would bring in more people to the coffee shop and with that space empty, the foot traffic hasn't increased as they hoped.

Now, reports of a U-Haul truck outside of the space have been made, with moving equipment. Apparently, one of the workers even said that we should expect an opening within the next month. It's not the Cosmic Cinemas that we were expecting but rumor has it that the theater will re-open with a new restaurant next door.


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