Spring is underway, but winter is hanging around with snow in the Albany forecast Friday!

I want to start this by saying I love snow, and winter does not get to me. Too much. But Spring is here, and I am ready for it to be warm. Now. That is why the forecast for this Friday has me saying 'Stop the Madness.'

According to the National Weather Service of Albany, we will be getting snow Thursday night through Friday night! It will only be a few inches in the Albany area, but some spots are expecting as much as six inches. Here is the NWS accumulation predictions for the region:

So, get those gloves, hats and boots out for one last go round. And keep the snow blower gassed up and the shovel handy, cause it looks like we have one last go round with Old Man Winter this Friday. Hopefully he will finally go on his Spring and Summer vacation after this!

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