Heads up on the road this week, police are out in full force cracking down on speeders. This week is known as "Speed Week" and the fines are stiff if you get pulled over. Cracking down on speeders is the main concern for New York State Troopers this week. Speed week began this Sunday and troopers are out in full force. According to News 10 ABC, the week-long initiative is to crack down on, not only speeders, but also aggressive drivers on the New York State Thruway.

Make sure you are aware and slow down because troopers will be using their traditional vehicles and unmarked ones too. They are using their unmarked cars to identify those who are driving erratically and not following the rules of the road. Troopers will also be on alert for distracted and impaired drivers, those not wearing seat belts and drivers not following the New York state "move over" law.

Be aware too because travelling just ten miles an hour over the speed limit could get you a $150 fine and three points on your license. Speed week runs through September 15th.

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