Mrs. Bacher - yet another of the many great Capital Region elementary teachers I had the pleasure to meet doing the school program.  It's always a very friendly environment in her class.  In fact, the kids wanted to write a song about that very important character trait - being friendly   The results are below

I guess the first song that immediately came to mind when I saw what these creative 2nd graders wanted to write about was the classic theme from Toy Story written by the great Randy Newman.  We decided to go the parody route on this and see if we could do a quick rewrite. (they had just finished reading Charlotte's Web, by the way, which gave them further motivation)

Slingerlands elementary Mrs Bacher rrr


It was a tougher assignment than I thought, but the kids came through with shining colors.  Here's their creation fro the kids in section 2B (with lyrics to follow)

You've got a friend in 2B

So don't be a bully to me

The next time mean words are said
It'll help if you read Charlotte's Web
So be nice, use your head
You've got a friend in 2B
I think you'll agree with me
that fighting hurts everybody
so be loyal and you will see
you've got a friend in 2 B
(with Mrs. Bacher)
You've got a friend in 2 B

PS - Do you want to know just how friendly a group of kids can be?   They made me a sign!  Thanks guys! I had a blast!

photo by Richie Phillips

photo by Richie Phillips