Usually when we see that the biggest, the greatest, the tallest, the loudest of anything, it's not anywhere near us to check out - until now. Six Flags Great Adventure announced that their new ride will be breaking records and it's not too far from us!

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey has announced that they're getting a new ride, Jersey Devil in 2020, and it's not like any ride you've seen before. They're describing this ride as the "World's Tallest, Fastest, Longest Single Rail Coaster." The coaster will be 13 stories tall and reach speeds of up to 58 miles per hour!

On the coaster, riders will "straddle the single-rail and experience three intense elements and two inversions over 3,000 feet of track." The first drop is 87 degrees, and then one of the inversions is a 180-degree stall and the other is a zero g-roll up high. This coaster sounds insane! We only have to wait a little bit longer but until then, you can see a computerized model on the Six Flags website.

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