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Changes to Ride at Great Escape [VIDEO]
I've lived in the Capital Region my whole life, so most of my best memories are from right here in the 518. I have family in Lake George so any weekend we could, that's where we'd be and more specifically, Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom.
World’s Tallest Water Slide is Terrifying
It's 17 stories high!  There are 264 steps to get to the top. And you'll fly down it at 65 miles per hour! It's the World's Tallest Water Slide and it's called "Verrukt," which translates into "insane" in German, and it totally is!
It …
15 Photos of Santa That Make You Go ‘Huh?’
1. Wait, he gets stuck in that chimney, but not in that tiny sled?
2. Santa likes his package.
3. This is why Santa doesn't deliver to Russia anymore.
4.  Mrs. Claus has had some work done...
5.  Working together to brainwash America's children...