I seriously can't wait for these two teams to battle it out in the ALDS starting on Friday night.  I'm a lifelong Yankee fan and nothing would please me more than to beat the Sox and advance one step closer to the World Series. I'm also a realist. This is a very tough task as the Red Sox have had a monster year winning a million games. Who are you taking between these two heated - and hated - rivals?

I know the Red Sox are loaded but so are the Yankees. Offensively the Yanks can match up with anyone, especially now that Aaron Judge is back and healthy and smashing the ball. The Sox are a machine offensively from top to bottom and have a couple of legit MVPs on their roster.

Both teams have solid starters, but the Yankees have the better bullpen and I think that's where a few games will be decided as there is sure to be a nail-biter or two in this best-of-5 series.

Game 1: New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox Friday, October 5, 7:32 PM ET at Fenway Park

Here's why I'm leaning towards the Bombers. I don't think Boston's ace, Chris Sale, can beat NY in a big spot, especially if his arm isn't right (which many are saying it isn't).  Plus, Sale may pitch well at home, but can he handle the Bronx Zoo in October at less than 100%. I say no. The Yankees will beat him at least once, maybe twice.

My prediction: Yanks in 5. Gonna be epic.



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