Here is the daily dilemma for Friday, March 30th, 2012:


"My partner and I are having a serious disagreemtn over rent. Let me run through the situation. We are considering relocating. We've been in a relationship for over two years and have thrown around the idea of marriage. Both of us would like to live in a nice part of town, but that may not be feasible, depending on the outcome of this disagreement. Partner 1 makes $40,000 a year with limited student loan bills. Partner 2 makes $30,000 a year with more significant student loan bills.

Partner 1 believes both partners should contribute equally to potential household bills. Partner 1 says (s)he has earned his/her extra money and (s)he shouldn't have to support Partner 2.

Partner 2 believes the two should contribute an amount relative to each partner's income because contributing an equal amount would put extra financial hardship on Partner 2.  Partner 2 believes that's a more fair solution.

Given the context of a long-term relationship with a view toward marriage, who is right?"

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