The Shenendehowa Central School district has decided to sell their vacant land to BBL for both development and a park.

The school board voted 4-3 to sell the property located between Moe Road and Rt. 146 to BBL for $2.05 million despite the community interest in making the land solely a park for residents.  However, as part of this deal, BBL has agreed to make at least 17 acres of the land into a park.

Shenendehowa Sign
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Among other bids received, the Town of Clifton Park submitted a bid for $1 million to purchase the land to develop a park.

So of course now it becomes a classic argument between those who want peace and consistency and those who prefer progress and prosperity. Community groups like the Friends of Clifton Park Open Space, say they will fight the decision. While I often fall the other way; in this instance I really don't see why this isn't the right choice.  This seems like a win-win to me.  The school system makes double the profit which can be used for education and BBL still commits to building a park. As a resident of Clifton Park, I can tell you we do have some great outdoor parks and playgrounds and of course the Commons already.

So, I ask you is this a fair compromise that not only benefits the school but the community as well? I'd love to know what you think.

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