Imagine learning that your CPA couldn't do your taxes because a hacker already did them and claimed your money?  Your social security number, your work place ID number and all of your personal and pertinent information hacked; your families security compromised. That exact thing happened to our friend Kristi Gustafson Barlette who writes for the Times Union.  She's as buttoned up as they come and this completely blindsided her and her husband.  If this happened to her, it can happen to anyone.  Listen to her story here.

Some people file their taxes right away to get that refund money, others wait to the last minute. Regardless of when you do it, you should be able to actually do your taxes.  But that's not what happened to our friend Kristi Gustafson Barlette who writes for the Times Union.  She shared her personal story on social media about the crisis her family faced when her and her husband attempted to file their taxes. We wanted a little more information and Kristi called into the show to tell her harrowing account. Take a listen here:




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