Every now and then I hear stories about kids in the Capital Region making a difference and I just need to share them.  This is one of them!

Three students at Shaker Jr. High School, Connor Doherty, Alex Robin and Ethan Andrews are teaming up to make sure the kids in their school have enough food to eat at home.  In a piece by News Channel 13, Connor said he began thinking about the kids at his school who didn’t have enough food to eat at home.  Rather than thinking there was nothing he could do, he stepped up!

Food Drive
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The school created an in-school food pantry where the food collected would be sent home in backpacks for the weekend with those who need it.  Imagine?  I am not sure if this happens in all schools, but I think it should!

Here’s the part I am most excited about.

Supplies are getting low, so Connor, Alex and Ethan are planning a “Super Bowl Circle – Stock the Pantry” food drive.  They are making it REALLY easy to donate too, you just drive your food to the Junior High School, head up the bus lane and the kids – who will be wearing football jerseys, you know, Super Bowl Circle, will collect food from you.  Drive through and donate!  I love it!

The kids have a goal, to collect enough food to keep the pantry stocked for the year.

In the News Channel 13 article, Connor says:

"When everybody is going out to shop for food and chips and everything, it would be an amazing idea, instead of trying to go out again, you can do it while you’re shopping for Super Bowl stuff,"

See, it’s THAT easy to help!  I hope you all can go out and help these kids reach their goal!  No children should go hungry!

Great job kids!!  I’ll be donating – see you Saturday!

The "Stock the Pantry" food drive is Saturday, February 4 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Shaker Junior High School, 475 Watervliet Shaker Road in Latham.

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