Personally, being involved in so many charities here at GNA like The High School Hunger Games and just donating to local food drives around the capital region, you want to assume it's all going to be used in the most effective way possibly but how do you know?

Based on statistics from Feed America, a study done in 2015 showed about 6.3 million homes in America have low amounts of food in their home.

According to an article by News 10 ABC, a local nurse , Kathy Busch from Guilderland is trying to fight hunger in her own way.

Busch started a neighborhood food drive about ten years ago earning roughly 1,00 pounds of food but  now raises overs 30,000 pounds of food.

Many from the Capital Region come together to volunteer and help the cause which couldn't be better for the area.

It's inspiring to see a woman who not only takes care of people for a living as a nurse but continuously shows love for others in her community.



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