App developing is on the top of every "best job" list and now a local kid has done tried it out and nailed it!

Ryan Barone, a Shaker High School graduate currently living in New York City, has developed an app that streamlines the rental application process for renters.  Which comes in handy especially in markets like New York City and San Francisco... but he hopes it will help just as much in other tough rental locations, like those here in the Capital Region.

Ryan is 22 now and just graduated from Pace University in Manhattan.  He and a friend from college, Meher Islam developed the new app.

It's called RentRedi.  And some venture capitalists are already showing some interest in it!  Which is incredibly impressive in the ultra-competitive, multi-billion dollar app marketplace.

Ryan and his dad, Ed Barone kicked around the idea over some basketball. He and his friends had lost out on an awesome NYC apartment because they didn't have the necessary paperwork.  And, after getting the initial development for the iPhone platform going, he approached his former classmate, Meher, who joined us to develop the Android platform.

Here's hoping RentRedi will have continued success for a great local grad!

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