You have certainly read the stories about the mass exodus of residents moving out of New York in the last few years.

The cost of living here in the Empire State has always been a primary reason for folks to find more affordable pastures. The pandemic then created a whole other set of circumstances for those who wanted a change. The last few years brought about COVID restrictions and increased job mobility with work-from-home options, and both of these factors certainly played a role in New Yorkers finding a new state to call home.

United Van Lines recently did a study of "Where and Why Americans Moved In 2022" to determine not only the main reasons why folks decide to move in or out of a state, but also to determine the percentage of those moving in or out. And the results for New York are eye-popping. According to the study, New York was the #3 highest ratio of residents leaving versus those who moved here. Basically, a heck of a lot more people are moving out of New York than moving in. Here are the top 6 reasons why...

The Top 6 Reasons Why New Yorkers Are Moving Out

Why are so many New Yorkers leaving the state? It has been a popular discussion over the last few years, and an issue that was even addressed recently by Governor Hochul as one we the state needs to fix. The pandemic has certainly influenced the ratio of folks leaving New York versus those moving in, but there are a multitude of reasons why New Yorkers move out. Here are the top 6 according to United Van Lines.

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