"Planting a vegetable garden is easy." Those are the words from Andrea's mouth I knew meant, easy for her and work for me!  And I was right!

It all started a couple of weeks ago, Andrea said "Caden want's to plant a veggie garden."  I said, "well, you and Caden will have so much fun!"  Now, I am sure I have talked on air about Andrea's projects.  She gets so excited she just starts them....no planning...no research, she just jumps right in!  But, I let her go!  So, off she went to find a place for the garden, clear it and get the ground ready.   Enter neighbors with a very high tech garden system!  They suggested Andrea get garden boxes - they are "easy to put together and cheap"!  They even gave her a book to read!   I'm pretty sure only Caden read it!

Sean McMaster

Fast forward to Saturday morning!  "Want to go to Home Depot and get our garden boxes and fencing, it will be so fun?"  I'm not sure she understands my idea of fun, but off we went!  Two garden boxes, a roll of fencing, 6 poles and 14 bags of soil later, we are done and heading home!

Now, it's putting together the boxes!  Granted they were easy to do, it just wasn't supposed to be my project!  Now to putting up the fence.  "Andrea did you measure to make sure we had enough?"  "No," she says.  "I was going to get 2 but you were rushing me!"  Rushing, no...hurrying her so I could actually have some real fun, maybe.  So I put the stakes in and we start the fencing and sure enough, not enough fencing! Ugh!  Then the soil goes in.  "Andrea, are you sure 14 bags are enough?"  Yes, she says"  And sure enough, 2 bags short!  Have I mentioned her projects that are "so fun" are usually not all planned out!  I think I have!

So, Sunday morning, while SHE is out having my idea of fun, golfing, Caden and I go out to finish her "fun" project!  We get the remaining necessities and we are on our way!

Sean McMaster

This morning, Andrea planted the garden and everything is good to go!  For now!  Stay tuned...lets see if anything actually grows!  Caden is so proud!

Sean McMaster

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!