So today, Bethany pointed out an article on the Times Union Facebook page about a couple of police officers in Albany who saved a couple of women from their car during the recent flash flooding. While we were quick to point out that the flood was horrible and did a lot of damage to many people's property and that all of our first responders did an excellent job in response to the sudden flooding, we both also found the article to be hysterical.

Stock Photo, Getty Images

Clearly it was not meant to be funny. It was, in fact, a well-written article by Bryan Fitzgerald. It was clearly well-researched and well-written. What made it funny was the beginning of the article, to me, was almost TOO well-written. It read more like a movie script than a newspaper article. I loved it.

SO I decided to give it the reading it deserved with the help of some very dramatic movie-type music and I think it wound up being pretty funny. Let's hope Bryan likes my take on it, and I do hope I get to star in one of his stories one day...

"It was a cold winter's morning at about 4 a.m. when our weary morning companion willed himself out of his Sleep Number bed..."