Ok, so someone at work challenged me to come up with 5 predictions for the upcoming year. I am very good at these kinds of things but hey a challenge is a challenge right? My next problem was of course what sort of things to predict so I decided on 5 topics, country music, politics, sports, entertainment and local. I hope I can get them all right, we will know in about 360 days.

Country Music:  This prediction is based half on information and half on wishful thinking. I know this should happen because I have heard the latest album and think the talent is unsurpassed. My prediction is that Darius Rucker will win the CMA for Best Male Vocalist. Sorry Blake.

Politics: What to predict in this topic is easy, the prediction not as much. Obviously I will try to predict the next President of the United States. Keep in mind this isn't necessarily who I want to win but who I predict will win. If I'm being honest I don't think a Democrat will win because I don't know that too many people aren't going to be ready to try something different and I don't think Donald Trump will last through the primaries so I will say, Marco Rubio.

Sports: This one will be fun because we will know if I am right in early February let's see if I can predict the Superbowl. Ugh this one is tough because my team is not in it and there are no guarantees when it comes to the NFL and the playoffs but I will say, The Patriots will play and lose to the Arizona Cardinals.

Entertainment: This one is tough because there are so many crazy things that happen in show business but since Bruce Jenner becoming a woman is no longer available I am going to go with, George Clooney will become a father. Hey that may be harder to believe than the Bruce Jenner thing!

Local:  I'm going WAY out on a limb here but why not take a risk right? I predict that Clifton Park will get at least one more chain restaurant before 2016 is over. Hey I needed a sure thing!

SO what are your predictions?


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