Ladies and Gentlemen, we at the Sean and Richie Show feel that small town America has been grossly overlooked.  We want to give publicity to your little corner of the world.  What makes your town unique?  What funny quirks does it possess (like the broken traffic light that hasn't been fixed?-The potholes bigger than the Grand Canyon?)  Well, here's your chance!Introducing  Your Town Thursday.  We'll compile the information that you send in and I will write you a custom written song that will debut on the following Thursday.

Here's a little jingle to promote this fun new feature

To give you a little example of the fun we've had in the past with this, a few years ago I wrote a song for the city of Cohoes.  Again, I was just rhyming the information that was sent in.  Well, the head of the Chamber Of Commerce wanted to "mess" with us about what was said, so he called the show and harrassed us a bit.  I'm not sure he knew that we were just having fun, so to patch things up, I went to the Chamber breakfast and performed the parody live on the air.

And here's what happened!

(oh, and by the way, I ended up working with Mayor John McDonald on a project just this last year, and we still laugh about this whole event to this day!)

Would you like your town to be gently "picked on"?  If so, I'd be pleased to ablige.  you can name the town here in the comment section or send to our Facebook page.  Include some funny information, or people or events that are proud of in your town and for what reason.  We will announce the town that we are going to sing about on the show, and the song will appear the following week, as I mentioned.

It looks like this week we are going to go with the town of Corinth.  Now is that CORinth, or CorINTH?  Maybe we can start there!