There is a new venue right on the Mohawk River, and there will be free shows there all summer!

The Mohawk Harbor Ampitheater is you guessed it, right on the new Mohawk Harbor at Rivers Casino. And yes, the spot is beautiful! While we were at Rivers for the Lonestar show Saturday night we took the 5 minute walk down to the harbor to check it out, and it is just a beautiful spot. The really cool thing is the new Druther's location overlooks the new ampitheater, so it will be the perfect spot to take in some live music while enjoying a few beers on their outdoor patio.

They currently have a string of classic rock tribute bands for various acts scheduled for this summer, but I cannot imagine mainstream country acts will stay away from this location for very long now that Rivers has put on a few country shows, including Lonestar and Randy Houser. Maybe we will just have to put together a GNA show there!

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