Facebook tends to be a place of political opinions, name calling, and overall negative energy. Every so often though, there's a light in the Facebook darkness and this was brought on by Schenectady reaching out to help one of their own.

You may be in a Facebook online garage sale or two, or at least seen items shared around your news feed. Usually, it's people who are looking to sell items they no longer need or people "ISO (in search of)" things they can't otherwise find. This post, though, was something completely different from anything else I've seen on there before.

Somebody posted, not because they need an item, but because they needed food. It said: "Looking for a bit of food to last into Friday afternoon into the food bank is open. I have a family of three one 3yr old, 1yr old and wife who just had surgery. I'm waiting for the food pantry to be open by my house witch is Friday not asking for money just asking for stuff to last into Friday anything will be appreciated I just want to make sure my family eats. No negative comments. Please message me if you can help."

Now, I don't know the validity of this person and their need but regardless, I was so happy to see how many people, without question, wanted to help one of their neighbors. People were asking where they could donate the food or sending them to local organizations who could be of service if the person couldn't themselves. As of this morning, there were about 70 comments from local people who just wanted to help a family get food.

The internet can be a terrible, dark place sometimes, but every so often, a little bit of light shines through and we have to remember that there are good people on there too!

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