Video footage has emerged of a car driving through the front of Dolci and Biscotti Italian Bakery in Clifton Park last week.

In a post to their Facebook page, the bakery shared what looks like security video footage of a BMW driving through the front of their establishment last Tuesday. I think they said it best in their post when they wrote they "...had many guardian angels watching over all of us." Thankfully, while this footage is scary to watch and was even scarier for all of those involved, we see it now with the relief that no one was seriously injured during this incident.

Through this crazy event, the one thing that has shined through all of this is the heart of the Dolce and Biscotti crew, as well as how first responders and those in the community came through to help. I can only imagine the woman who drove through the front window was also horrified, and the bakery was super gracious in their post calling her "wonderful" while reminding us all the bakery can be rebuilt and everyone being safe was all that mattered.  And the capper for it all? Dolce and Biscotti put the baked items they still had on-site to great use by donating them to several local charities to provide some sweet treats for those in need.

Kudos to those guardian angels for stepping in and keeping everyone involved safe. And some big kudos as well to Dolce and Biscotti for making so much good come to of a difficult situation.

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