If you drive around Albany, you may have been surprised by this billboard. It's not exactly what you think you're seeing but it's been turning a lot of heads!

As you drive to work, you probably pass a ton of billboards and you don't give them a second thought. Motorists who have been driving down Delaware Avenue, though, were turning heads at the new billboard from We the People.

At first glance, you may think that someone is giving you an inappropriate hand sign but at a longer glance, you'll realize what's actually happening. The billboard is for a divorce lawyer and the company has been known to do other attention grabbing billboards in the past. It's a sign with someone flipping their ring finger and it says "I'm Done." So far, News 10 asked a bunch of people in the neighborhood of the sign and no one was offended.

Have you seen the billboard? Did you have to do a second look?

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