After taking an unplanned winter cruise on the Hudson, the Rusty Anchor will be no more.

As you recall, last month the Captain JP cruise ship and the Rusty Anchor Bar/barge went on a little excursion down the icy Hudson, running into a few bridges along the way. Both received a decent amount of damage, and as Chrissy reported early this week the Captain JP is going to be repaired and up and running in time for summer. Unfortunately, the news for the Rusty Anchor is not as good.

According to Two Buttons Deep, the Anchor will be no more as it is heading to the scrap yard. The Times Union caught up with owner Kevin Shufelt who said the Anchor was "severely damaged' and the cost for repairs was going to be too high.

So this means we have now lost 2 floating bars/barges on the Hudson! The Rusty Anchor (Which called Watervliet home) and of course the Riverfront Bar and Grill which shut down a couple years ago.


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