You know it's Fall in Upstate New York when a Sasquatch is literally walking around the Adirondacks like it's no big deal!

Depending on who you talk to, Bigfoot sightings in Upstate New York aren't all that uncommon.  I'm pretty sure that just about every sleepy ADK town or city has had its fair share of unexplained activity deep in the woods - and heck, a few years ago Whitehall, NY made Bigfoot its town mascot - a vote that was made 4 to 0 by town representatives.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might see if you go leaf-peeping in the Adirondacks this weekend!

Recently, a woman who lives about 90 minutes north of Albany in Speculator, NY named Karen Kongdon posted pictures of the sauntering squatch, walking around town like it was no big deal.

"What you see in the Adirondacks is always worth a picture!!! Lol.
Someone in costume for no reason--he is my hero! Definitely put a smile on my face!
When you are taking leaf pictures and you look up and see this I couldn't help myself. Lol, great moment!!"


Photo: Karen Congdon Facebook
Fall colors and Bigfoot's fur make for an even more beautiful foliage tour!
Photo: Karen Congdon Facebook
Speculator Sasquatch goes for a stroll
Photo: Karen Congdon Facebook
Sassy is Chillin' like it ain't no thang!

And maybe it is no big deal, as it appears that this particular squatch has been seen multiple times in that area.  In fact, we even found a Facebook page dedicated to  "Shaggy the Speculator Sasquatch" and he looks an awful lot like the yeti in the pics.


The page, intended to be a purveyor of Bigfoot sightings in the region, appears to only have pics or videos of Shaggy himself, including this video taken near a local restaurant.

So, who is Speculator's Sasquatch?

At this point, no one's fessing up, and attempts to reach out to the would-be yeti have been unsuccessful. But in the meantime, this larger-than-life wannabee keeps putting smiles on faces one sighting at a time.

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