The oldest sports venue in America will get a modern upgrade. A new building will be built along the rail of the Saratoga Race Course.  Growing up in the Capital Region, the Saratoga Race Course has always been a historic landmark. I worked there when I was sixteen and still when I visit now, I am in awe of its historic beauty and how they have preserved it. New construction has been announced and I am hoping it won't compromise this beautiful venue.

According to News 10 ABC, the New York Racing Association has announced that it has gotten approval to construct a brand new three story building next to the clubhouse that will add seating, dining and more to racing enthusiasts.

NYRA says that the building will feature modern luxuries but it will keep the old Saratoga design. The third floor will feature luxury boxes with air conditioning and heat, the second floor will have a club area and the first floor will be a guest ballroom area much like the tent it will replace.

They plan to break ground after the 2018 racing season and it will replace the "At The Rail" tent with the 36,000 square foot building. They hope to have it complete for the 2019 racing season.


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