Sam Hunt has experienced quite a bit in the past year or so.  Tremendous success, countless hits, awards, marriage, talk of babies, and naturally, the discussion of varied interests.  While it may have been reported recently that Sam Hunt was preoccupied with ventures outside of music that may prevent him from making music, he assured us that simply wasn't the case.

We recently caught up with Sam Hunt at Hunter Mountain for the Taste of Country Music Festival and he was honest with us about life, babies, and making more music.  Sam is pleasant, friendly, down to Earth, and very thoughtful in answering questions.  I could tell though that he may have been slightly annoyed that it may have been misconstrued that his varied interests may prevent him from making music. While he admits to being at a stage in his life where he has a lot going on, music is and always be at the top of his list.  Good news for his, good news for country music!

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