More than $400,000 in donations, truckloads of cards and packages from around the world, and today it seems that possibly the best gift for Safyre Terry to have received this Christmas was made for her locally.

Safyre, the Schenectady girl whose story touched millions globally after a Facebook post asking for Christmas cards for her tree went viral, was given a 3D printed hand created for her by students at UAlbany on Tuesday, according to WNYT.

Just two years ago, Safyre lost her whole family to a fire started by a suspected arsonist. With Christmas being one of Safyre's favorite times of the year, her aunt, who is also Safyre's guardian, gave the little girl a card tree, and soon people started sending Christmas cards by the thousands.

But cards aren't all Safyre received. Earlier in the month the little girl was surprised by hundreds of gifts and special surprises, including a trip to Disney World. And now, local students have come up with a gift that will keep on giving long past Christmas: a 3D hand to help Safyre with many of the everyday tasks most people take for granted.

It's been quite a week for Safyre, as she also received a personal card from President Obama and his family.

Check out video of Safyre using her new hand to pick up a cup below and the story from WNYT.

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