"The world will forget about this little girl in one week."

That is a quote I read today while getting myself updated on little Safyre Terry. At first, I thought that this may actually be a sad truth and then I realized that not only is it not true, but I also realized that there is nothing sad about this story or this beautiful little girl.

Before I get into that, let me give you just a little background.

Three days ago we told you about a sweet 8-year-old girl who has seen more tragedy and pain in her short time on this earth than any person should in a lifetime. Safyre Terry and her family were the victims of arson two years ago and Safyre was the only survivor in her family. While Safyre made it out of the fire partly because her father shielded her from the flames with his body, she was left with severe burns on over 75% of her body. Safyre has had many surgeries since to reconstruct her face and skin and the truth of the matter is she will have to face many more years of struggles and pain.

Since we first heard her story and shared with you that all this little angel wanted for Christmas was enough greeting cards to fill the card tree her aunt bought at a thrift store for Christmas, her story has gone viral worldwide. Yesterday was the first day (I hope of many) that the cards and packages started to arrive for Safyre and there were already hundreds piled up at the local post office. Check this out:

Now, about that comment that the world will forget about Safyre in a week. Yes, maybe people will move on with their lives and Safyre will no longer be on their minds. Maybe before long most people won't remember her name, but the truth is I don't think that she will ever leave our hearts and the message she brought will NOT be forgotten.

This tiny little angel has brought the world a message of hope and belief. She has been through the most devastating of tragedies and can still excitedly exclaim "SANTA!" when she sees a picture of him on a Christmas card. She is what the Christmas spirit is all about. She had little to no real expectations from the world but she believed she could get "about 20" cards from people to help her fill up that card tree. Even after everything she has been through she chose to believe and the world rewarded her with hundreds of cards and so much more.

Her message is that no matter how bad things get, no matter how unfair fate can be, there is always hope. If you just believe, there is an abundance of love in this world just waiting for someone to ask for it.

We can't forget Safyre if we never forget the message because she didn't bring us the message, she IS the message.

Safyre Terry IS hope, belief, love.

Thank you, Safyre.

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